!! Please Note - This car has been sold !!

I'm putting my 1973 Grand Am (2 door) up for sale. The car has been in a slow "rolling restoration" mode as a daily driver for the last 2 years, and I simply don't have the time (or money) to finish it the way I'd like.

Car was originally Ascott Silver with Oxblood interior, but was repainted black by former owner. The paint job however, sucks, and to do things right, the car will need to be completely stripped and repainted.

Car has a power sunroof (I disassembled, cleaned, lubed, and reassembled it), but I haven't found the correct weatherstrip yet. This means that it won't close properly (the weatherstrip that is in there now is too thick, and it doesn't allow the back to "pop up" properly, as there isn't enough room).

I rebuilt the front suspension, replaced the springs, tie rods & tie rod ends, pitman arm, and ball joints with new components. The bushings are all graphite-impregnated polyurethane. I sandblasted and repainted the steering knuckles and dust covers, and inspected & cleaned the calipers & rotors (calipers were in very good condition, so I did not rebuild them). The car handles like it is on rails.

I have replaced the water pump (original timing chain cover left in place) and radiator with new ones, as well as the alternator and battery. I have replaced the power steering pump (and hoses) with new ones. All belts are new. Every vacuum line and water line have been replaced.

Car as a new InDesign nose, as well as new InDesign dashboard and console inserts. Entire dashboard was replaced by former owner. The dashboard vinyl, while soft, is BLACK instead of oxblood. This may or may not bother others, but it drives me nuts.

Car has original motor (400 4V) with original (rebuilt) TH400 transmission. Distributor has been replaced with HEI unit. Car has factory A/C, however the compressor clutch is seized and is (along with the compressor itself) resting in a milk crate in my garage. It has passed emissions both years that I have had it, and is really fast.

Car has factory tach and Am/FM 8Track, however these were never properly reconnected when the dashboard was replaced, and I simply have not had time to re-connect them yet.

The tires are Firestone Firehawks with about 7/32" of tread left. They are mounted on 15" Ralleye II rims. If you look at the pictures, you will see I have the Pontiac Arrowhead (not PMD) center caps and trim rings as well. The spare tire is a brand new radial (had no spare, so I bought a new one at Pep Boys in Hollywood before driving to Phoenix 2 years ago. It is now mounted on a 15" Ralleye II rim. I have a single 15" Honeycomb rim (sorry, no centercap) sitting in the trunk. You can see this in the "Trunk o' parts" picture linked on the left.

This is a California / Arizona car. I am (as best as I can figure out), the 4th owner. There is absolutely NO rust anywhere on the car. I have all receipts and original owner's manual, as well as a 1973 Pontiac Factory Service Manual and a 1973 Fischer Body manual.

The interior upholstery vinyl is still very soft and has no cracks, however both the drivers and passenger seat have tears in them and will need to be re-covered. The back seat is perfect. The back deck has been baked by the sun, and will need to be re-covered / replaced as well.

If you have any requests for specific pictures, let me know and I'll be happy to post them. Any other questions, please ask.

I live in Phoenix, AZ. Depending upon where the purchaser is, I might be willing to deliver it (drive) to you.