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And now for something completely different: LIVE ACTION ARCHER

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There is a "Fantasy Casting the Live Action Archer Movie" link making the rounds on Facebook right now. I won't link to it because it is filled with spam link clickbait horseshit. If you want to find it I'm sure you are capable of doing so.

However, with the exception of a few notable disagreements (detailed below), I think it is pretty much spot on and would love to see it made.

My Casting Changes
Dr. Algernop Krieger: Michael Fassbender A character as comically insane as Krieger requires some serious dramatic acting chops. Brett Gelman is good, but I really think Fassbender would own this role.
Pam Poovey: Rebel Wilson Yes, I get that Melissa McCarthy would be able to pull off this role. But you also have to think in terms of the cast as a whole. How well would McCarthy as Pam fit in with the rest of the cast? Don't misunderstand me, I think McCarthy is friggen hilarious. But as Pam Poovey with the rest of the cast, I think Rebel Wilson would be better. And very, very funny.
Barry Dylan: Christian Slater Christian Slater is great as himself. But I really think he would be better as Barry.
Slater: Ryan Reynolds Other than Christian Slater who else could possibly play Slater? Ryan Reynolds is the obvious choice here.
Ray Gilette: Michael Cera Yes, I'm serious. Ray's whiny bitchy angry character is so far outside of anything that Cera has ever done that this would be one hell of a stretch. But I suspect Cera would be able to pull it off (phrasing!) splendidly.
Cheryl Tunt: I wouldn't say no to Krysten Ritter, she could definitely handle the character, but my first choices would be (in order) Laura Spencer, Carla Gallo, or Zooey Deschanel.
Woodhouse: I had not considered Bill Murray. He would be great in the role. Either him or John Cleese.
Sterling Archer: Zac Efron. You need somebody in great shape and believable in action sequences / fights. You need somebody who is good looking, intelligent, and really funny. You need somebody who can be simultaneously gallant and charming while performing amazing acts of douchebaggery. You need somebody who makes ladies' legs go weak. You need amazing blue eyes. And since I can't cast myself (I'm too old and fat), I give you Zac Efron. He has all of this in spades.

Ok, who are your choices, and why? (No, it isn't likely to happen. This is just some fun Hollywood Casting)

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