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Installing and Configuring IBM Domino 9 Social Edition on CentOS 6 Enterprise Linux

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I realize it is been a while since I posted, I'm hoping this blast of content will make up for my absence.

Since the official release of IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition a few weeks ago, I have been "chomping at the bit" wanting to release a set of instructions / videos on how to install it on a Linux machine.

During the beta program I had the opportunity to "play" with it quite a bit, and let me tell you this release is exceptionally good. It is also by far the easiest and most hassle-free version I have ever installed on a Linux machine -but there are still a few gotchas and watch-outs to be wary of.

I have written an instructional document entitled Installing and Configuring IBM Domino 9 Social Edition on CentOS 6 Enterprise Linux. I hope it helps alleviate some of the fear and confusion with regards to using Linux as your Domino server platform. The document is aimed at YellowHeads (having some experience with Domino installations on Windows) who are thinking about stepping into the world of Linux. The document is focused on 64 bit Linux, but calls out differences from 32 bit installations where necessary. Even though it is aimed specifically at CentOS 6, the instructions should work for any RHEL or Debian-based (with some changes to handle DEB vs. RPM) linux version -although I must point out that the only supported Linux distributions are RHEL 6 and SUSE 11.

I have also cut a series of 9 videos wherein I walk through the instructions step-by step and demonstrate how easy it really is to perform the installation. They are available on my YouTube channel, although I'm hoping I can talk David Leedy into including them on Notes In 9.

Hope this helps!



Gravatar Image1 - Excellent stuff!

Gravatar Image2 - Thanks Carl!

Gravatar Image3 - Way to go! Reposting around...

Gravatar Image4 - Good tutorial. Thank you. We set up our server a couple weeks ago on RH6, but realized that the IHS server option was not included in Linux - only Windows.

The issue is that the SSL vulerabilities for Domino are NOT addressed on the Linux platform. This is a really big issue for those shops needing PII or PCI compliance.

I need more people to do IBM support tickets and demand IHS support / install option for Linux. They are NOT going to do it as they don't think they have the need/demand. I'm looking for help spreading the word, I have a blog post on it:

{ BEAST in-the-middle }

I'm happy to send more information to any interested.

Gravatar Image5 - Thanks Tripp! I modified your comment and added a link to your blogpost about BEAST vulnerability.

Gravatar Image6 - Very nice series!

Gravatar Image7 - Thanks for the compliment Jesper. I'm happy if it helps.

Gravatar Image8 - will you also do a demonstration how to install & configuration 9.01 on Windows?

Gravatar Image9 - Sorry Patrick, not at this time.

I took my last Window server (Win2K) offline last summer, and (at least for the time being) have no plans to bring up another.

-Not saying never, just saying not now.

Gravatar Image10 - I watched all the videos and followed step by stepp all instruction, but when it came to starting the Domino server the first time I ran into an error message for which I could not find a fix:

/opt/ibm/domino/notes/latest/linux/server: error while loading libraries: libnotes.so cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

For once the installer places the Domino server executable in a different folder structure:

/opt/ibm/domino/notes/latest/linux/server (latest being a link)

I created a link in /opt/ibm/domino named bin pointing to

Still I get the same error. The files are there, but somwhow the server startup is looking for the files in a different place and fails

Any help would be appreciated.

Gravatar Image11 - really big thanks to you, really big help.


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