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Did he really just say that?

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"The 2008 Olympics in Beijing will be a spectacle like we've never seen; the Chinese are very good at controlling their people and making them do what they want."
-Bob Costas

I'm pretty sure Bob will be getting a "talking to" before the next session.


Gravatar Image1 - Well at least he is being consistent:
{ Link }

Gravatar Image2 - Hey there Alan!

You, Ray, and Aoife are very much missed by all.

Wish you were here.


Gravatar Image3 - Hey Devin,

Hope you are having a great time, I wish I could be out there too. I didn't know Aoife was missing this year as well. That means you get a clear run at the boat race without the defending champions contesting the raceEmoticon

Gravatar Image4 - Hey Alan,
Maybe we should announce our retirement from swan racing and declare ourselves undefeated champions!!



Gravatar Image5 - well I am still waiting for the photos to turn up on Flickr, but I heard they have electric motors on the boats this year! That just isn't the same at all. I think we have secured the all time crown for the human powered swan boat racing championships Emoticon

Gravatar Image6 - Yes, the boats are now electric. They are also no longer swans.

Your championship is protected.



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