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Hope to see you there. I am presenting at Engage 2020! #engageug #hclmaster #dominoforever


Stack Overflow: None of Us is as Dumb as All of Us

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Jeff Atwood, Joel Spolsky, Geoff Dalgas and Jarrod Dixon have put together a Q&A site for programmers. stackoverflow plans on being different (ie: pertinent and useful) than most other such resource sites. This seems like a pretty lofty goal, but with a pedigree like this, it is not unreasonable.

Even though stackoverflow reminds me of something else, I'm fairly certain that this idea is entirely coincedental....



How Irish are you?

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In honor of ILUG2007, I took this quiz: How Irish Are You?

My results:

You're 70% Irish

You're very Irish, and most likely from Ireland.
(And if you're not, you should be!)

Hope everybody is having a wonderful time! (wish I was there)



Irish Lotus Notes User Group Conference 2007 starts tomorrow.

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I really wish I could have made it to Irish Lotus Notes User Group Conference 2007. Sadly my schedule just wouldn't permit it this year. However I hope that this will end up becoming an annual event.

Here's to Paul, Bill, Warren, Eileen, Kitty, and the rest of the folks who have worked so hard getting this thing ready. I know you guys are going to pull it off and do great. Thanks also go to the sponsors, without whose help putting together a FREE conference of this caliber just simply would not have been possible.

Check out the agenda.

Let's not forget the very impressive list of speakers. With the exception of two individuals, I have had the chance to hang out with each and every one of you. You guys (and gals) are, IM(not-so)HO, truly world class folks, the absolute best of the best.

Good luck dear friends; and best wishes for an incredible conference! I'll see you all at Lotusphere 2008 (and hopefully ILUG2008 as well).



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