IBM Connect 2016: Correcting Image Orientation Using Open Source Tools

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I presented a SpeedGeeking session at IBM Connect 2016 entitled "Thanks Apple! Correcting Image Orientation Using Open Source Tools".

My slides for the session are here: SpeedGeeking_Image_Orientation.pdf


Lotusphere Session Slides Posted

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Last Tuesday at Lotusphere 2011 I had the honor of presenting during GEEK 101 - SpeedGeeking.

For those of you unfamiliar with SpeedGeeking it is essentially 65 minutes of drink from the firehose content combined with beer & wine.

  • We close off one end of the Pacific Dining Hall and fill it with 13 tables and an open bar.
  • Each table has one "Geek" who gets a 5 minute window to present their topic.
  • An air horn is blown between rounds by a timekeeper (this year performed by Mac Guidera), at which point the crowds move to the next table, and the presentation begins anew.
  • As a presenter, you get perhaps 30 seconds between each presentation to "reset".

The closest single word adjective I can come up with is "Invigorating".

My topic was likely the least technical of all, and truth be told had essentially zero geek content. No Xpages, No LotusScript, No @Formula, No cool code whatsoever. It is my hope however that the tips I presented held at least some value for those attending.
Hope you enjoy the slides* for my presentation.

*Special Shout Out to Chris Toohey, who took my crazy-ass notes and produced a most excellent slide deck for me when I ran out of time.


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